Spruce Grove Composite
High School (10–12)


Regional Bus Transfer Site Funded by Province

October 24, 2016 - The Minister of Education made a special announcement during commencements at Prescott Learning Centre's Grand Opening. The Government of Alberta has agreed to fully fund the cost of construction of the Regional Bus Transfer Site that will be built on the site of the future Kindergarten to Grade 9 school on Spruce Grove's west end. Check out the video for the announcement.

Previous Motion

On November 3, 2015, Parkland School Division's Board of Trustees passed a motion to establish reserves in the amount of $1.8 M from:

  • Unrestricted Net Assets: $943,768
  • Transportation Operating Reserve: $104,075
  • Instructional Pool: $552,157
  • Transportation Equipment: $200,000

to support expenditures for the design and construction of a regional bus transfer station located at the future school site scheduled to open in September 2017 in the City of Spruce Grove’s west end, due to the previous absence of funding from any level of government.

Regional Transportation System Background

The Regional Transportation System operated by Parkland School Division has existed since approximately 1995. The system was designed to maximize the transportation of students while minimizing the number of buses required - Regional Transportation, therefore, significantly decreases the physical number of buses on our roads.

In addition to reducing the need for buses, bus route design is based on maximizing the overall efficiency of the system and is not dedicated to specific stakeholders. Every school, student and family benefits from this system.

In total, approximately 14,200 students receive transportation through the Regional Transportation System including approximately 4,700 students from Evergreen Catholic School Division. This system currently includes just over 170 buses.