Spruce Grove Composite
High School (10–12)


Grab N' Go Breakfast Program with Save On Foods

The Grab n Go Breakfast program is one of the PSD Wellness Initiative's strategies for increasing the availability of nutritious breakfast food items in an equitable way across the division.  Started in 2014, this partnership is being continued this year during the month of September at Spruce Grove Save on Foods.  Last year, the store raised $1500 to support school breakfast program projects.   Shoppers are encouraged to make a pledge to the program at the time of their grocery purchase.  They will then have the opportunity to sign one of the PSD yogurt cups and fill the windows at Save On Foods.

“Schools want support for breakfast programs. It’s not necessarily because kids go to school without and families can’t afford the breakfast. It’s because students just haven’t eaten or they’ve taken a long bus ride," said Parkland School Division's Wellness Coordinator Felicia Ochs.

“We want to create a program where there’s no stigma attached to students starting off their day with a healthy, nutritious meal. Whether students come to school and have eaten or not, we want to make sure they have access to healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables.”  

The funds collected at the grocery tills will be given directly to PSD at the end of the month. PSD will then invest the support into pre-existing breakfast programs or in schools who have shown an interest in starting up a program within their own school.

For further information, contact:

Felicia Ochs
Wellness Coordinator
Parkland School Division
Phone: 780-963-8465