Spruce Grove Composite
High School (10–12)

Panther Auxiliary

The Panther Auxiliary Association is a voluntary group of parents, staff and students who work with the school to help finance extracurricular activities. The Auxiliary’s main income sources are bingos held at the Spruce Grove Bingo Hall throughout the school year and one casino date every 18 months at St. Albert Casino, so volunteers are always needed!

How to Become a Volunteer

As part of Parkland School Division Administrative Procedure 491, all volunteers are required to:

The Criminal Record Check form and can be obtained from the school office. Please review the Division Administrative Procedures regarding volunteers.

Please review the Division Administrative Procedures regarding volunteers.

Volunteer Administrative Procedure #491

Meeting Dates for 2019-2020

Meetings are typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month over the course of the school year. All meetings start at 6:30pm.

  • September 24
  • More dates TBA


When you have a student involved in an extracurricular activity at SGCHS, choosing one of the following options is compulsary:

  • Work one or two bingos depending on the activity (must be 18 or over); OR
  • Provide $200 cheques - number determined by activity - to the Panther Auxiliary Association; OR
  • Participate as a parent representative at specified Panther Auxiliary Association meetings held every month.

Funds raised through the Bingos are used to purchase uniforms, pay tournament entry fees, pay travel and accommodation costs, purchase first aid kits and practice balls for teams. 

The Panther Auxiliary Association prides itself in the fact that students at SGCHS are NOT required to pay fees to participate in extracurricular activities if their families commit to the above involvement opportunities. This enables all students to participate.

How Funds are Raised

The Auxiliary’s main income results from parents and students working the bingos held at the Spruce Grove Bingo Hall. Proceeds are allocated to the active groups listed.

*Workers must be 18 and be prepared to show ID.

*Workers must arrive at the hall by 5pm or their $200 cheque will be cashed and a replacement worker will be called. 

Once every 18 months parents are given the opportunity to work our assigned event at the St. Albert Casino. Proceeds are used for large expenditures, such as a tubby bus.

Sports Player Registration Fee
This is a new charge due to decreased Bingo revenues.

Alternative to Participating in Fundraising Activities

To ensure everyone contributes equally to the team fundraising, a motion was passed by the Panther Auxiliary Assoc. directing coaches to collect non-dated cheque(s) for $200 (per required bingos) at the beginning of the season. Cheque(s) are returned when bingo requirement is fulfilled. A uniform deposit of $200 is also collected. Cheque is returned when uniform received (in same condition) at end of season.

Use of Funds

Funds are used to support the sports teams and extracurricular activities in a variety of ways. They are used to purchase uniforms, first aid kits and practice balls for teams. Assist with tournament entry fees, out-of-town travel and accommodation costs and athletic recognition awards.

The Panther Auxiliary Association takes pride in its investment in vehicles to provide safe and convenient transportation for students. 

Groups Who Benefit from Fundraising

  • Band & Stage Band
  • Boys & Girls Senior Volleyball
  • Boys & Girls Junior Volleyball
  • Senior Boys & Girls Basketball
  • Junior Boys Basketball
  • Junior Girls Basketball
  • Soccer - Boys & Girls
  • Cheerleaders
  • Exchange Programs
  • Rugby - Boys & Girls
  • Leadership
  • Performing Arts/Drama
  • Curling
  • Swim Team

For more information see Panther Auxiliary Bylaws.  

2018-2019 Panther Auxiliary Association Executive

(2019-2020 Executive will be posted here once elections are complete.)


Name & Phone

President   Susan Ullyot (780-960-0794)
Vice President Lyndsay Stupar
Secretary Tammy Rattee
Treasurer Chris Clark
Bingo Coordinator Kerri Stupar
Casino Coordinator Terrie Sampert
School Liaisons Mark Rose & Chelcie Kucharchuk (780-962-0800)

For more information contact: 
Spruce Grove Composite High School 
Phone: 780-962-0800 
Email: sgchs@psd70.ab.ca