Spruce Grove Composite
High School (10–12)

Computer Science

Computers control the Internet, financial industry, cell phones and most companies. Learn how to take control of computers with Computer Science. Computer Science investigates not only how to create programs but algorithm theories and the best way to program.

Most Alberta post-secondary programs now accept Computer Science 30 as an entrance requirement, and this program of study does NOT have a diploma exam. 

Computer Science 10

Prerequisite: None

5 Credits

This course will focus on game making and Android app development as we explore the field of computer science. Students will be introduced to the building blocks of programming, learn the difference between computer science, computer programming and computer engineering while creating fun games using Scratch and GameMaker. We will also explore writing code with Javascript.

Computer Science 20

Prerequisite: Computer Science 10

5 Credits

This course is for students who completed Computer Science 10, and will have more project time.

Students continue developing their understanding of Computer Science and learn the following key programming concepts:

  • Procedural programming
  • Data structures
  • Robotics programming

This course is a programming based course with the emphasis being on writing code. Students will be introduced to machine/robotics programming using Arduinos.  

Computer Science 25

Prerequisite: Math 10C and Science 10

6 Credits

This is an intense academic course for students who were not able to take Computer Science 10 but want to be able to take Computer Science 30. There will be projects incorporated throughout, but there will not be project modules (e.g. making the GameMaker game or choice robotics project).

Students will study the following concepts:

  • Programming basics and theory
  • Loops/variables and conditions
  • Intro to robotics 

Computer Science 30

Prerequisite: Computer Science 20

6 Credits

Students earn credits that will be eligible for university entrance into many programs at Alberta Universities (No Diploma Exam). Computer Science is a recognized 30 level Science program.

Students develop a stronger understanding of what Computer Science is and explore the following concepts:

  • Iterative algorithms
  • Recursive algorithms
  • Object-oriented programming

We will continue with Java programming, and work with Arduino projects or Smartphone apps.