Spruce Grove Composite High School Staff News en-us Fri, 21 Sep 2018 14:40:24 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca Junior Boys Volleyball Team Members Junior Boys Volleyball Team Members are asked to stop and see Mr. Milne in Room 326 at the morning break or start of lunch for a brief message. http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17505&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17505&stream=Staff News Jazz Band The Jazz Band is looking for a guitarist! If you have experience on guitar and want to earn extra credit after school, this is the job for you! Talk to Mrs. A in the band room if you are interested.  http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17479&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17479&stream=Staff News Robotics Interested in Robotics?  The first meeting of the Robotics club will be Tuesday, September 25th at lunch in room 103 (the Design/Electronics room. http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17481&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17481&stream=Staff News Key Booklets & SNAP Workbooks If you would like to pre-purchase your Key Booklets & SNAP Workbooks you can now order these through your PowerSchool account. They're $18 each. The deadline for purchase is Wednesday, September 26 at noon. http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17413&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17413&stream=Staff News King's University visit A Recruiter will be here on Wednesday September 26th from 1-3 pm to answer all your questions about post-secondary options at Kings!  Come sign up for a one-to-one visit in Student Services.   http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17443&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17443&stream=Staff News National Learn to Code Day Want to learn to code? Come down to room 102 this Friday during seminar to participate in an "hour of code" for national learn to code day. Staff and students are welcome, no experience required. http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17391&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17391&stream=Staff News Ring Day Announcement The Josten Grad Ring Rep will be here to help you at lunch on Sept. 20 & 21 at lunch if you are interested in purchasing their graduation products. They will also be hosting a Parent Night on Thursday, Sept 20 from 3:30 - 6pm in the Student Lounge.     http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17157&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17157&stream=Staff News Week of Welcome Today is PJ Day! Thanks to everyone who is wore their pajamas! There will be a prize for the best student and the best Staff PJ attire.  http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17351&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17351&stream=Staff News Post-Secondary Fair Who? YOU - of course! You will be joined by a variety of post-secondary institutions from across Alberta. When? Monday September 24 6-8pm Where? TransAlta Tri-Leisure Centre Why? Why not?! Make a plan for your journey after high school. Make informed decisions based on good information. http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17285&stream=Staff News http://sgchs.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=17285&stream=Staff News